Since 2013 GSN (CTI) participates as a national coordinator in eSafety Label motion of the European Schoolnet

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Net Safety

For GSN th age safe accessibility of people with the online and their defense against improper information is a fundamental concept. Since 1999, GSN works a content controls provider on line and is applicable a protected information coverage, in accordance with internation al practices and legal demands.

GSN supporting initiatives of Ministry of traditions, training and spiritual matters like informing education through on line group meetings through the compensation uter criminal activity Unit regarding the Greek Police. Particularly, GSN provides teleconferencing and alive broadcasting treatments for all the implementation of web meetings and until today more than institutes posses actively took part.

Additionally, GSN (CTI) functions since 2006 the useful hub a€?Web Safetya€? ( ) through which trustworthy and targeted ideas, service and top quality informative m aterial for students and teachers are supplied.

Through this action, Greek schools can acquire a particular qualifications which aims to the help of schools to be able to render a less dangerous on-line conditions for teachers and pupils. Quantitative indications of eSafety Label deliver our very own nation to begin with in Europe.

a subservient initiative of GSN could be the activity a€?Call specialized for Safe Interneta€? ( ), that provides institutes the opportunity to call an avowed trainer in safe online problem to set up a meeting to share with and teach the institution society. You of specialists comes with specially trained and certified educators and studies authorities.

Teleconference services

The teleconference services ( ) produces on licensed people in GSN (teachers, education and management units) the opportunity to build seminar calls. The administrator program is fully localized, helps full audiovisual communication and permits speech view, document and software revealing among participants. This service is actually utilization in and also come found in significantly more than schools in 36 teleconferences of Electronic Crime.

E-Learning Solution

The e- discovering serv ice ( ) of GSN is founded on society’s respected discovering Management System cuddli price Moodle. It gives a convenient screen over the internet which promotes participative and collective understanding. It aids specific consumer roles and provides protected and personalized access through their integration with GSN directory site services. This particular service has-been licensed per SCORM LMS-RTE STANDAR which is finished with the teleconferencing and synchronous e-learning program larger azure option.

Digital Classroom service

The Electronic Classroo m provider ( ) is addressed to coaches and college students of primary and additional training and enriches this course which will take spot daily within the classroom wit h latest instructional ICT knowledge. The instructor can produce on-line classes and fully communicate with his/hers children. This servic elizabeth can also be used for education, collaboration an such like. between educators.

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Digital schoolpress

The Electronic school click provider ( ) in line with the open-source platform word press and addressed to teachers and pupils of biggest and Secondary degree and enriches the ancient coaching procedure with class collaboration equipment along with the publishing of an organization’s task. S tudents should go to town, build and progress her skill written down.

Videos providers and alive broadcasts

The vid eo service ( ) offers the capacity to browse, posting an d play videos with latest technology. Permits customers just who upload material, to go into metadata while offering individualized servi ce to qualified members of GSN. Hi-def video include supported by various units. This specific service emerges to institutes and instructors who are able to in addition produce their very own broadcast and tv networks as well as their own communities where videos product was distributed merely amongst the users.

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