Uber driver under investigation for promoting free ride in exchange for gay sex

According to him the Orlando-based drivers he paired with had other items on his brain than getting from point A to point B.

While regional information section WESH 2 actually providing every lurid details, it is not simple to discover from this screenshot precisely what the drivers ended up being after:

Two things be noticeable right here: One, the deal are succinct possesses all necessary tips to help make the price take place, which means this cannot be the first time this drivers has been doing this. As well as 2 – the drivers has a fantastic 5-star standing?! Maybe he understands what he’s creating.

a€?I happened to be shocked. They considered unpleasant,a€ best way to find a hookup in Lancaster? he stated, adding, a€?Of program I terminated the Uber. But I became uneasy phoning another Uber. You are aware, I found myself thinking about phoning unemployed.a€?

An Uber spokesperson stated the business wants to the situation in addition to motorist possesses refunded Martson’s $5 cancelation charge at the same time.


We concur therefore the proposal got so very bad which he about could not head to run?? Although In addition think the Uber driver should come across a better way to hookup and I can easily see your being fired over something such as this.

We proposition guys very frequently. You would be astonished the amount of state yes to some form of communication. But people only state no and that’s it. I’d one guy not too long ago tell me when he was actually more youthful he would posses punched me into the face your proposition and I also merely reminded your by using era appear wisdom. Next, the guy jerked himself facing myself when you look at the sauna. The guy located the idea exciting. Males!


Reminds myself of the policeman during my throat regarding the woods that would pull over men making the strip nightclub and approach the auto with his dick completely. Of course he had been eventually reported and destroyed their task but I always pondered the amount of took your abreast of their a€?propositiona€? in order to avoid a DUI… or because… well… because…..


Merely renders myself laugh! In case you are an independent company for uber.. Uber should tread gently unless they’ve the right finalized docs with a moral condition!! Whether they have that, reasonable game!

You simply can’t form reports like this! In my career, i cannot inform you how many times something like this took place!


We trust Wayne in NYC. do every little thing have to be dramatic and your outrage from online or TV? if you don’t need the hook up only say no and go on with your daily life. If you want your own fifteen minutes of popularity have it with anything you have in fact carried out. Prevent becoming a Drama King


anybody who enters a Lyft or Uber trucks try walnuts do no criminal background checks they don’t really have to be trained you may have no clue that is operating you. There’s countless reported incidents of drivers which discriminate against Gays. only nowadays it was reported a driver drawn a gun and stated the guy desires to kill all Gays. Additionally track your own activities and whereabouts every min during the day no matter if in just one of her automobiles or otherwise not I stick to the good traditional taxi drivers at the least you know who’s creating your


PERFORMS WELL. You don’t have to be worried about those good conventional taxi vehicle operators because presently they truly are very likely to eliminate on their own v destroy you since they are despondent regarding the million dollar medallions they purchased to operate their own taxis. But, why is you think they’re dependable or you are aware something about all of them? Because they’re vetted while Uber people are not? You’re kidding yourself. Standard taxi drivers are not vetted anymore than Uber drivers include.

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